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What's your Vyne™ IQ?

For some, the first few times can be a challenge to bend the Vyne into the recommended configuration. This is mostly due to that they did not follow the Bending Guide (Note: A hard-copy is located in bottom of your Vyne package) and watch the video. But this won't be you because your going to study up for about 2 minutes and take the Vyne IQ.


Vyne IQ directions: Count how many times it takes you to get your Vyne into the recommended configuration your first time. Find your number below to see your Vyne IQ.


Remember: Bending your Vyne is just like riding a bike... some pick it up faster than others. However, just like riding a bike, once you get it... you got it.


# of Attempts


 Video Ranking

2 or Less Genius
3-4 Above Average
5-6 Average
7-9 Below Average
10 and Above Bless your heart



 This test is just for fun and is not, in any way, scientific. You are a Genius, in our book, just for buying the Vyne.